With so many distractions inside the vehicle as well as outside, it seems to be increasingly difficult to avoid accidents on the road while driving in the modern-day world. According to the National Safety Council, at least 700 people are injured every day because of distracted driving. Here are some tips to avoid becoming part of this statistic and gear towards being a more responsible driver:


Keep Your Cell Phone out of Reach

We are all guilty of being on our phone more than we should, but using it in the car is not the place or time. Avoid keeping your phone close to you, such as in your lap, cup holder, or purse directly in the passenger seat. Opt for the back seat instead. You will not be able to reach it, and it will prevent you from trying to use your device.


Plan Your Trip Ahead of Time

To prevent you from setting your navigation system while driving, make sure to set up your route before you hit the road. The same goes for your phone (which is in your back seat). Use the voice-activated commands so that you are not looking at a screen. The more your eyes are looking at a map or GPS, the less your eyes are on the road. If you need to make changes, ask a passenger for assistance or safely pull off the road.


Don’t Get Into an Accident While Staring at One

It never fails. When an accident happens on the road, all other traffic slows down due to on-lookers. Make sure you are paying sufficient attention to drive around it safely, but avoid staring. This is exactly how fender-benders happen, or worse. Other cars may not be paying attention either and may drive right into you. Make sure you are not the next accident!

Hopefully, these tips are a reminder for safe driving. We tend to forget rules that seem like common sense due to habit. Be safe, look at the road, and in the unfortunate event that you may get into an accident, you are certainly not alone. Hogan Injury is here to help at https://www.hoganinjury.com/

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