Trains (BART, Caltrain)

Many people in the Bay area choose to use BART rapid transit commuter rail and Caltrain trains when moving about. Train operators have a responsibility to keep their passengers safe so that everyone arrives at their destination without incident. This means they must obey speed limits, exercise caution and be aware of the needs of the passengers they are carrying.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured while using BART or Caltrain, you should contact a Bay Area train accident attorney as soon as possible as you may be able to obtain financial compensation to cover your medical expenses and other damages suffered.

Operators of BART and Caltrain trains like other operators of public transportation systems are called “common carriers”. Under law, common carriers are responsible for providing safe travel to their passengers. They also must properly maintain and operate their trains, facilities and equipment and ensure that passengers are safe when boarding and leaving the trains. When a train accident happens whether it be a derailment or collision, train operators can be held liable for any injuries suffered by passengers and others such as bystanders or pedestrians.

There are many types of incidents involving trains that can cause injuries from slip and falls to collisions, which claim lives. Often times, train accidents occur due to driver negligence. Sometimes poor maintenance is to blame. Commuter trains like BART and Caltrain carry thousands of passengers daily which increases the likelihood that accidents of all types will happen.

Claims arising from train accidents are subject to various statutes of limitations which limit the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. Also, accidents occurring on public transportation often involve having to bring a claim against a government entity. These types of claims can be complex. There are also many procedures and guidelines to follow that must be adhered to within strict time frames.

The attorneys at Hogan Injury specialize in representing individuals who’ve been hurt in accidents including accidents involving trains. We understand how to successfully navigate through these types of often complicated lawsuits, while all the time working hard to ensure our clients obtain positive outcomes. We offer a guaranteed no-fee policy to help bring anxiety levels down after an accident which means you do not pay us unless we win or settle your case.

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