FELA Claims: What to Do If You are Injured

It is very important to take immediate steps right after any accident in the workplace. For railroad workers who have been injured on the job, it is advisable to take certain precaution and action right after the incident to make sure that your rights for compensation under FELA are protected.

Immediately After the Injury

  • Employer’s Injury Report
    Do not delay reporting your injury immediately to your supervisor. You should fill up an injury report form if you can do so. Make sure that you do it soon after the incident to be sure that you can be as accurate and thorough, providing as much details as you can about what happened, what caused the accident, what factors contributed to the accident and other things that you think are related to what happened. This is a very important document which you will need when you file your claim.
  • Medical Attention and Treatment
    In emergency situations, you will most likely be provided with medical treatment soon, and your employer will ensure this. After you have gotten the first aid treatment and your condition is stable, it is advisable to get an independent medical evaluation and follow-up treatment from your own doctor. Let your doctor know everything that you are experiencing, the pain, difficulties and distress because of your injuries. Keep a record of all your bills, medical records, and any document that are related to your treatment.

Pursuing Your FELA Claim

  • Personal Injury Report
    In addition to the injury report that you have given to your employer, keep a separate report for you and your attorney’s use. Just like the employer injury report, make sure that you put as much detail and information as possible. In addition to the information on your employer’s injury report, include the type of injuries you got and how these injuries have affected your life, personally and professionally. Include also the names of people who might have witnessed what happened during the accident.
  • Keep Track Of Time Missed At Work
    Remember how much time you have lost from work because of the injuries you suffered, including work missed from the day the accident happened. Also include the recovery and rehabilitation process, and work missed in relation to that such as going to the doctor for follow-up check-up or physical therapy, etc.
  • Contact the Representative of Your Union
    Inform the representative of your union of what happened to you, the accident and the injuries.
  • Consult with an Experienced Attorney
    By working with an experienced attorney, you will be ensured that your rights will be protected especially in relation to your FELA claim. That’s why it is important to find and work with one as soon as possible so that you will be guided on what steps to take, not missing anything important from the day of your injury; do this before the railroad company calls for any hearing related to safety and liability issues because of the accident because these hearings will have a significant impact to your case.

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