Nursing Home Checklist

If you are planning to put your elderly family member or relative in a nursing home, this checklist will provide you with some of the questions to help you in finding the nursing homes with the best care facilities and friendly and experienced employees.

During your visits to different nursing homes, consider the following guide or checklist:

Is the home Medicare-certified? ____ ____
Is the home Medicaid-certified? ____ ____
Is the home currently accepting new patients? ____ ____
Is there a waiting list?
How long? __________________
Is the home licensed by the state? ____ ____
Is the home’s administrator licensed? ____ ____
Does the home conduct background checks on all staff? ____ ____
Does the home offer abuse-prevention and other special training? ____ ____
Is the interaction between the staff and patients cordial and respectful? ____ ____
Are residents allowed to make choices about their daily routine?
(e.g., when to get up, go to bed, or eat?)____ ____
May the residents choose from a variety of activities? ____ ____
Is it easy for friends and family to visit the home? ____ ____
Does the home look and smell clean? ____ ____
Is the home well-lighted? ____ ____
Is the home maintained at a comfortable temperature? ____ ____
Are the residents allowed to have personal furnishings in their rooms? ____ ____
Do the residents’ rooms have comfortable furniture? ____ ____
Are there drawers and closets for the residents’ clothing? ____ ____
Are there pull-curtains around the residents’ beds for privacy? ____ ____
Do the public areas have comfortable furnishings? ____ ____
Is the dining room clean, quiet, and cheerful? ____ ____
Does the home have outdoor areas for the residents’ use? ____ ____
Are residents encouraged to go outside? ____ ____
Are the residents clean, appropriately dressed, and well groomed? ____ ____
Does the staff respond quickly to calls for help? ____ ____
Does there appear to be a good relationship between the staff and the administrator? ____ ____
Do the residents have the same caregivers on a regular basis? ____ ____
Is there enough staff on duty at all times, including nights, weekends, and holidays? ____ ____
Is a hospital nearby in case of emergencies? ____ ____
Are care plan meetings held at times convenient to the residents and their families? ____ ____
Is there enough staff to help the residents eat? ____ ____
Are the residents offered food choices at each meal? ____ ____
Does the food look and smell appetizing? ____ ____
Does the staff regularly monitor the residents’ weight? ____ ____
Is drinking water readily available? ____ ____
Does the staff encourage and help the residents to drink? ____ ____
Are nutritious snacks available throughout the day? ____ ____
Are there handrails in the halls? ____ ____
Are there grab bars and call buttons in the bathrooms? ____ ____
Are exits clearly marked? ____ ____
Are spills quickly cleaned up? ____ ____
Are halls well lighted and free of clutter? ____ ____
Are there adequate smoke detectors and a sprinkler system? ____ ____
Is there a high turnover among staff? ____ ____
Is most of the care provided by medically trained staff? ____ ____
May the residents continue to be treated by their personal physicians? ____ ____
How is regular medical attention assured? ____ ____
Are other medical services available?
(e.g., optometric, dental, etc.?____ ____
Is there a pharmacist on the staff? ____ ____
Is there a physical therapist on the staff? ____ ____
Is there an occupational therapist on the staff? ____ ____
Is there a social worker available to residents and their families? ____ ____
Are barbers and beauticians available? ____ ____
How are disputes resolved? ____ ____
How does the home match roommates? ____ ____
Are single rooms available? ____ ____
Are religious services available? ____ ____
Would I be comfortable leaving my loved one in this home? ____ ____
Is the location convenient for family visits? ____ ____
Has a state agency found an unusual number of violations at this home? ____ ____
Have residents or their families filed a lot of complaints? ____ ____
Are other residents and their families happy with the care at the home? ____ ____
Is the cost reasonable in comparison to other homes? ____ ____

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