Mold Warning Signs and Damage

Mold can be found in a home or commercial building, mold exposure and medical care after mold-related damages can be very expensive, to the structure and the health of the occupants of that structure. But if you know the warning signs and kinds of the damage to find, you will be able to discover a mold problem before it can spread to destroy property or make people sick.

The Warning Signs of Mold Damage

Molds grow and spread when its spores reach places where there is:

  • Too much moisture
  • Correct temperature
  • Food sources including carpet, insulation, wood moldings, paper sheathing, or ceiling tiles

When you think there is mold problem, investigate immediately to lessen or prevent more damages. There are many physical warning signs to know if there is mold growth and spread:

  • Places where there are standing water or condensation on the walls, window sills, and floors
  • Discoloration or water stains on exterior facing walls
  • Discoloration
  • Musty smell
  • Transparent mold growth

What Damage Can Result from Mold Exposure?

If mold is permitted to grow and increase in the home or commercial building, there are many physical damages to the structure itself, and to the fixtures or contents of the building.

Building Materials and Structural Components

Molds can cause severe structure damage to the building, paper backing, insulation, or carpeting since they feed and break down organic substances. These kinds of materials must be removed. Cleaning and removal of molds can be very expensive and uncomfortable but it is needed always.

Personal Property

Aside from causing structural damage, molds can also destroy property in the home. When molds cling into the personal properties, they can be very hard or even impossible to clean and removed. Usually, the object with molds needs to be destroyed because the spores cannot be completely removed.

Heating and Ventilation Systems

Mold can enter the heating and the ventilation systems. Many parts of the system may not be available for visible inspection and/or cleaning, and therefore, you may need professional assistance to do it properly. It is very essential that heating and ventilation systems must be thoroughly cleaned because the spores may utilize these systems as entry to other places of the homes or commercial buildings. When the systems cannot be cleaned, or cannot be removed, or cannot be fixed, the entire systems may have to be removed and replaced and it can be very costly. The best way to handle mold problems is to deal with its root cause which is intrusion of water. If you check on the warning signs and fix the moisture problem immediately, you may be able to prevent huge costs involved in cleaning your home or commercial building which is infested with molds.

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