Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

When provoked, even what is considered as man’s best friend bites. Animal attacks and dog bites can make a person severely and permanently injured. Aside from this, the victims of dog bites face expensive medical bills and lost wages. The liability for the animal attacks usually lies on the knowledge of the owner of the animal about its ferocious tendencies. For instance, the owner of the animal may be held responsible for the attack if the animal in issue had history of violence towards human beings. Here are some resources that may help you learn more about the basics of dog bite liability and how the animal attack lawsuits work. The articles include elements of dog bite case, animal attack damages, and how to show that the owner knows about the violence tendencies of the animal in question.

Readings About Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

  • Dog Bites and Animal Attack OverviewThis reading material talks about the law involving animal attacks and the steps to make after being bitten by dog.
  • Animal Bites: Who Pays Damages?: When a dog bites somebody, the owner is already technically liable but the insurance policies of the owner usually have terms that include animal attacks. Learn more about how the insurance can cover these damages.
  • Proving Knowledge of a Dog’s ViciousnessThe essential part of the dog bite lawsuits is in the proof that the owner of the dog or animal was violent. Read on to find out basic information to convince the court about the violent tendencies of the animal.
  • Types of Animal Bite InjuriesThe laws on animal attacks center on dog bites, however, dogs are not the only animals that injure human beings. Read on and learn more about the kind of animal that affects the bite injury case.
  • Dog and Animal Bites FAQLearn more about animal bite cases by reading through these useful FAQs. It includes who is responsible for the damages, whether you can still file for claims if you were bitten in somebody’s house, and many more information about dog bites.

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