Defamation, Libel, and Slander

We must know that not all torts can lead to bodily harm, but there are others who cause harm to an individual’s reputation. There is the tort of “defamation” that involves making of statement that harms the reputation of the other person. There are many types of defamation. Libel refers to a form of defamation that is written or published while slander is a form of defamation which is verbally expressed. There are many situations where an individual’s reputation is harmed or injured by a defamatory statement an he/she can file a lawsuit against the person who made the statement.

This Unit covers resources that explains and describes how defamation works. There are articles about the elements of slander and libel, some defenses to a defamation claim, and the statute of restrictions for defamation lawsuit.

Facts about Defamation, Slander, and Libel

  • Defamation, Slander, and Libel: This article talks about the history behind defamation claims like slander and libel.
  • The Basics of Defamation Law:  Find out the basics of defamation law, the elements to make a defamation claim, the policy considerations in defamation law, the rights of various speakers to make defamatory statements.
  • Elements of Slander and Libel: Read about the various elements to prove defamation lawsuit. This reading material contains comprehensive definitions, explanations, and examples.
  • Fault Required for Defamation: It does not follow that when someone makes defamatory statement that he/she “published” the statement and is “at fault.” Discover about the confusing descriptions from this article.
  • Defenses to Libel and Slander: This reading material provides you with defenses to assert and to protect yourself from defamation.
  • Time Limits to File a Defamation Lawsuit: Defamation is covered by state laws, and every state has various time limits where you can file your lawsuit. Find out the time limits in your state.

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