Lead Paint in Toys – Recalls

The manifestation of the excess lead levels in paints that are applied on the toys of the children have resulted to quite a number of recalls from companies including Mattel and Fisher-Price:

September 5, 2007: Mattel Recalls More Toys Due to Lead Hazard

Mattel Inc and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC declared the recall of at least 800,000 toys because of the probable risks of extreme amount of lead in exterior paint on the toys. The Tuesday’s recall involved for about 675,000 “Barbie: accessory toys, 8.900 “Bongo Band” toys, and 90,000 “Geo Trax Locomotive “ toys. Mattel Inc said that they received no reports of diseases or injuries associated with the recalled toys, but the company is encouraging the consumers to get rid of the recalled toys, away from the children immediately. Contact Mattel for any information on returning the products and to receive free substitute toy. The Tuesday toy recall was the third announcement made by Mattel Inc within a month.

August 30, 2007: Paint and Coloring Sets Recalled Due to Lead Hazard

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC with the Toys “R” Us made an announcement regarding the recall of the “Imaginarium” 213-Piece Wooden Coloring case because of extreme levels of lead in the paint inside the case. CPSC stated that the Imaginarium 213-Piece Wooden Coloring Case comprised the pastels, crayons, fiber pens, colored pencils, paintbrush, water colors, pencil, white paint, palette, pencil sharpener and ruler in a light tan wooden carrying case. This measured for about 14 inches high and 19 inches wide. CPSC Press Release has pictures of the Imaginarium Wooden Coloring Cases. There were no injuries or diseases that have been reported to link with this specific product, but consumers must right away remove the product away from their children and return the product to the nearest Toys “R” Us stores in exchange for a store credit.

August 14. 2007: Mattel Recalling 9 Million Toys Due to Lead, Small Magnet Risk

US Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC and Mattel Inc posted the recall of more than 9 million toys and play sets in US due to injury and health risks from small magnets and lead paint. The consumers must take any of the recalled toys away from their children immediately and contact Mattel for a voucher for a replacement toy. The recall was the second as initiated by Mattel within the last two weeks, and both recalls entailed toys that were produced in China. Washington Post stated that there were more than 80% of the toys that were sold around the world were made in China, and the toy sellers were anxious that shoppers would shun away from their products.

August 2, 2007: Fisher-Price Toys Recalled Due to Lead Hazard

There were more than 967,000 Nickelodeon and Sesame Street painted toys were recalled by Fisher-Price Inc because the paint used on the toys’ surface could have contained extreme amount of lead. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC stated that the recall included different figures and toys that were produced between April 19, 2007 and July 6, 2007 and were marketed alone or as part of sets. Consumers were encouraged to right away take any of the recalled toys away from their children and contact Fisher-Price/Mattel Inc. Consumers can return the recalled product and receive a voucher for a replacement toy for up to the value of the returned product.

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