Food Poisoning Prevention Basics

Producing food safe is an essential task in the farm and fishery, production facility or factory, and other ways were foods are delivered safe from the farm to the table. There are several agencies and associations in the food industry, public health, institutions, and regulatory groups have their distinct roles in producing foods that are safe for human consumption. The consumers are encouraged to buy foods that are safely processed. For instance, milk pasteurization is a food process that was developed 100 years ago. Buying pasteurized milk instead of raw and unpasteurized milk can still prevent a number of food borne illnesses daily. Juice pasteurization is a new technology in food processing that prevents E.coli 0157:H7 infections and other related diseases. Consumers can find and buy pasteurized fruit juices and ciders. In the near future, meat and other foods that are treated for safety with irradiation will be made available. These new technologies tend to become essential as the pasteurized milk.

Food poisoning, also called as food borne illness, are preventable, although there is no simple single prevention such as vaccine. Present measures are required to avoid or limit the contamination from the farm to the table. Different good agricultural and manufacturing practices can decrease the spread of microbes among the animals and prevent the contamination of foods. There must be a careful and thorough review and analysis of the entire food production process can enumerate the major hazards, and the control points where the contamination is prevented, restricted, or removed.

A method to assess the control of the risks in food is known as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or HACCP. This was initially established by NASA to ensure that the foods consumed by the astronauts were safe. The HACCP safety principles are presently being practiced by variety of foods which include meat, poultry, and sea foods.

For certain foods, even the most careful hygiene and sanitation are inadequate to prevent the contamination, and definitive microbe-killing way can be included in the process. For instance, early in the century, several botulism cases occurrences when canned goods are cooked inadequately to kill the botulism spores. After the research was made to determine how much heat is needed to kill the spores, the canning industry and the government authorities went to great lengths to make sure that each can is adequately cooked. As a consequence, botulism due to commercial canned goods was removed from this nation. Similarly, the initiation of thorough pasteurization of milk removed huge number of milk-borne illnesses. This happened after the sanitation in dairies reached higher level. In the near future, other foods can be safer by the new pasteurizing technology like in-shell pasteurization of eggs, and irradiation of ground beef. With milk, these new technologies can be implemented, aside from good sanitation but not as a substitute for it.

Finally, the consumer can decide to demand safe food supply from the industry to manufacture it; from the researchers to develop and design better and effective ways of producing safe foods; from the government to see to it that it happens, making sure that it is working well and safely, and to determine some concerns that still need to be resolved.

Everybody is responsible for food safety. When the consumers ask for a safe food supply, it is up to the industry to produce it, for the researchers to design better methods such as food and drink pasteurization and irradiation of meat products, and for the government to regulate the safety of the foods by determining and addressing the problems before and when they happen.

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