Food Poisoning

It was on February 13, 2007 when US Food and Drug Administration issued warnings to customers to avoid using or buying the “Wild Kitty Cat Food” because of the presence of Salmonella. The presence of Salmonella was first observed during routine monitoring activities, according to US FDA.

The affected products included in this warning are the Wild Kitty Raw All Natural, Frozen Cat Food – Chicken with Clam Recipe, Net WT 3.5 oz (100 g) and one pound in plastic containers. The Wild Kitty Cat Food was marketed nationwide in retail stores and through distributor and even through internet stores.

Risks of Infections

The cats and other pets taking Wild Kitty Cat Food has higher risks of being infected with Salmonella. People may also become infected with Salmonella when they touch and ingest this cat food, when they touch their pets that ate the food, or touch any surfaces which came in contact with the foods or pets.

Individuals may risk bacterial infection not only by touching their cats, but by contact with their pet food, food bowl, cat box, or the surface which are exposed to these things. Hence, it is very important that they thoroughly wash their hands with warm water and soap. Take note that children, elders, and the people and animals with weak immune systems have greater risks from the exposure. These people must avoid handling the items listed above and the surfaces that are exposed to these items.

Advice for Customers

US FDA recommends that customers who have bought this product should not be given their pets and disposes these products in a safe, such as tightly covered trash bins. Anybody who is suffering due to salmonella infection after handled the product, should contact their doctors and the local health agencies. Individuals who have some issues about their whether their pets have Salmonella, should call their veterinarian.

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