Defective Medical Devices

Defective or hazardous medical devices, including implants, faulty surgical equipment, prosthetics, and pacemakers can result to increase of product liability cases when a patient undergoes a surgery or utilizes a medical equipment is injured or dies as a consequence. Although these medical devices are being monitored by the US Food and Drug Administration, the product can be defective through its design, manufacturing procedure, or marketing strategy. In many instances, the state lawsuits over the approved medical devices by the federal government are facing strict legal hindrances and most often receive national attention. Here are some sources that emphasize common high-risk medical equipment like stents and defibrillators, and also links to product liability lawyers in your area.

Find Out More About Defective Medical Devices:

  • DePuy Hip Implants: DePuy metal on metal hip implant systems are subjects of hundreds of legal cases due to the recurring incidence of its failure and injuries from dislocated and broken hips, to the heart, nerves, kidney, and thyroid problems.
  • Guidant Defibrillators: Also known as pacemaker, are used to help treat heart diseases; this section provides comprehensive legal information and sources on Guidant defibrillators which were subjects of major recall in 2005.
  • Medtronic Defibrillators: This section discusses the Medtronic Inc in 2007 alert of its faulty defibrillator part which includes the news, warnings, and a thorough overview of what happened as a result of using their defibrillators.
  • Drug-Coated Stents: A stent is referred to a little metal or plastic tube which is inserted into the artery or blood vessel. This section gives an overview and frequently-asked-questions about the drug-coated stents which includes recent news, hazardous warning signs, and if they should or should not be utilized.

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