Dangerous Drugs

Modern medical research has led to many kinds of treatments that can improve human health and extend the duration and quality of life. However, there are some treatments available in the market that can bring harm to consumers and there are many people who have suffered injuries as a result of these dangerous drugs. Those who have suffered or are suffering from injuries brought by dangerous drugs may file product liability against the pharmaceutical companies that failed to test the drugs properly or produce their products in safe manners.  This section will provide you with knowledge on some famous prescription drugs, their potential risks and side effects, and their present legal condition in the USA.

Find Out More About Dangerous Drugs

  • FDA RecallsA recall may be needed for many reasons. Sometimes, drug manufacturer does the recall voluntarily. There are also other times when the Food and Drug Administration demands the recall. This section provides a concise overview of the FDA’s recall procedure.
  • Why Drugs are Pulled Out from the MarketThere are many reasons why pharmaceutical drugs may be withdrawn from the market. It can that it was found out that a new drug contains more toxic substances, or have unexpected side effects, or maybe because the drug becomes dangerous and unsafe when it is combined with other medicines.
  • AmbienThere are many people who depend so much on Ambien to get the sleep they need. Just recently, FDA directed the producers of Ambien to put strong warnings on their packaging. Find out more about Ambien and its potential side effects related to its use.
  • CelebrexCelebrex is an anti-inflammatory drug which is used to cure rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. However, reports have linked Celebrex to high risk of severe heart problems, including heart attacks and “bleeding activities.”
  • ViagraViagra is considered as one of the most famous drugs for erectile dysfunction available on the market.  However, this drug has also been linked to some severe side effects, including sudden loss of vision and priapism.
  • ZoloftZoloft is a drug produced to cure depression. However, FDA declared that the drug may be linked to high risks for suicidal behavior and could be harmful to pregnant women.

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