Brass Knuckles and the Law

Brass knuckles, also known as “knuckle dusters” and “knuckles” are developed for offensive and defense weapons. During the World War I and World War II, the brass knuckles were usually fastened to the knives for trench warfare. Brass knuckles are used on one hand or on both hands and they are considered as dangerous weapons and they are unlawful in many states.

There is an attempt to suggest that they are parts of art and some people sell jewelry made from brass knuckles as a necklace. There is also a possibility that dangling brass knuckle jewelry from a chain around your neck could contradict the hidden weapon charges in a state where a hiding brass knuckle weapon is unlawful.

Brass knuckles usually show in mass media. Constantine, the movie and other TV shows like “The Sopranos” and “The Simpsons,” the novel, “The Kite Runner,” and video games such as “Grand Theft Auto,” have all included brass knuckles in their fight scenes or suggested violence. As a consequence, many people were fascinated with these dangerous weapons.

The Laws About Brass Knuckles

Are these brass knuckles legal? The states in the US have various opinions and ideas about this question.

There are certain states such as California, Illinois, Michigan, and Vermont banned the possession, the use, and the sale of brass knuckles, aside from the devices that appear like brass knuckles, such as plastic knuckles. Other states, such as South Carolina, possession of brass knuckles are unlawful only when “they are used for the purpose to commit a crime.”

There are other states that prohibit only the metallic knuckles, while some states prohibit the hardened knuckles of any form. Materials that are used for making hardened knuckles comprise brass, hard plastics, steel, and acrylic.

Even having a pair of brass knuckles is commonly a misdemeanor crime in the states where they are illegal; using the brass knuckles in a brutal crime can result in offense charges.

Other than the US such as Switzerland, trading, purchasing, or the possession of brass knuckles is illegal.

The Danger of Brass Knuckles

Injuries sustained from brass knuckles can be severe because weapons have hardened material such as brass, hard plastic, and chrome. When someone is hit with brass knuckles, it can cause broken bones, concussions, cuts, eye and nose injuries.

Even though injuries from brass knuckles are generally severe but non-fatal, there are cases when they can also be fatal and caused death.

Your Legal Rights and the Brass Knuckles

There are states and federal laws about the brass knuckles that individuals need to comprehend and observe.

If you are accused of possessing brass knuckles, or a victim of a brass knuckle-associated crime, you must see an experienced lawyer immediately to discuss your legal options.

Here are some of the legal factors that the lawyer will discuss with:

  • What it means to be accused of defying the law on brass knuckles, which include the components of the crime, the potential defenses, and the duration of any potential criminal sentence, and
  • If you or any of your family members are victims of brass knuckle violence, whether you will be able to recover the injuries from the assailants, their employers, or a third party that may have the duty to avoid brass weapons from being used.

Obtaining Legal Assistance Re: Brass Knuckles

  • Find out how a criminal defense lawyer will be able to assist you if you are accused of the illegal possession or use of the brass, metallic, and other hardened knuckles from this webpage.
  • You can contact a personal injury lawyer when you are injured with the use of brass, to review and discuss your legal options.
  • Learn from an experienced criminal defense lawyer about the laws and your legal options.

Safety Tips about Brass Knuckles

  • Always adhere to the laws of brass knuckles in your states. If they are not unlawful in your state, you should use tremendous care when handling them.
  • When you are in another state other than your home state, make sure you know the applicable local and state laws that govern the use of brass knuckles.
  • Brass knuckles, similar to any dangerous weapon, will have the potential to harm others, whether it is intended or accidental. If somebody is harmed, or property is destroyed while using brass knuckles, you can be held responsible in a civil lawsuit, and/or face charges in a criminal court.
  • Never allow children to play with brass knuckles.
  • Avoid using brass knuckles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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