Benzene Recent News

November 16, 2006: Benzene Dealers Seek Dismissal of Suit Filed by Former Plant Workers

A company of benzene producers, distributors, and suppliers asked for the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by former workers of a Uniroyal facility in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The case alleges that benzene exposure at the facility causes the workers to develop Multiple Myeloma or a disease similar to cancer. Aside from the arguments for dismissal of the case, the defendant benzene dealers stated that the workers knew about the dangers of the chemicals at the facility and that the chemicals adhered to the standards set by the industry which includes the proper safety warnings.

August 28, 2006: Coca-Cola Sued Over Benzene-Forming Ingredients

A case was filed against Coca-Cola as part of a continuing move to remove the ingredients that form benzene in soft drinks and other beverages. Plaintiffs appended Coca-Cola’s “Vault Zero” energy drink to a case filed in Kansas which also aimed at “Diet Wild Cherry” of Pepsi and “Crystal Light Sunrise Classic Orange” drinks by the Kraft.

August 25, 2006: Soft Drink Companies Settle Benzene Case

Producers of soft drinks, In Zone Brands Inc. and Talking Rain Beverage Company, have settled the cases which charged their products having harmful benzene-forming ingredients. While the producers negated that their products could cause any harm, they consented to remove any ingredients from their products that could form benzene in April and May 2006.

July 26, 2006: Boeing Workers Sue Manufacturers of Benzene

Two cases were filed against the producers of benzene at the King County Superior Court in Washington. The two Boeing workers who filed the lawsuits alleged that the defendants failed to warn them about the dangers of benzene which caused them to catch acute myelogenous leukemia as a result of their exposure to benzene.  The case records showed that among the 26 defendants are the 3M Co., Chevron USA, Inc., Dow Chemical Co. Fisher Scientific Co., and Kelly Moore Paint Co., Inc.

June 12, 2006: Former Plant Workers Sue Benzene Dealers

There were nine workers of a Uniroyal facility in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, who have filed a lawsuit against the producers, distributors, and suppliers of benzene, claiming that they were exposed to benzene in their workplace and developed Multiple Myeloma which is similar to cancer. They claimed that the defendants knew but they have failed to reveal the information that their products were hazardous.

April 13, 2006: FDA Issues Statement on Benzene in Soft Drinks

The US Food and Drug Administration or FDA described the steps it is taking in response to the reports that benzene was found in soft drinks and other beverages. The FDA continues to pursue with beverage companies to make sure that processing conditions are developed to prevent or reduce benzene formation. Meantime, it also believes that the results of its recent surveys show that the level of benzene in soft drinks should not cause any safety concern.

April 12, 2006: Soft Drink Makers Sued Over Benzene

Class action lawsuits were brought to Massachusetts and Florida against Polar Beverages, Inc. and In-Zone Brands, Inc., claiming that benzene content in the beverages of these companies went beyond the safe drinking-water standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency or EPA.

February 2006: EPA Proposes a Rule to Reduce Hazardous Air Pollutants from Mobile Sources

The US Environmental Protection Agency or EPA served a regulatory announcement recommending a new rule to control the release of hazardous air pollutants like benzene and other air toxics, from mobile resources which include vehicles and other moving sources. The recommended standard aimed at reducing benzene emissions by decreasing benzene in gasoline, reducing exhaust emissions from passenger vehicles which are operated at cold temperatures, and lowering the emissions that evaporate from and infuse through the portable gas cans.

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