Accutane Recent News

FDA Launches Web Page on Warning Against Purchasers of Accutane Online (March 28,2007)

The FDA of USA is warning the consumers from purchasing accutane online. The FDA is concerned with the possible effects of the substance to birth defects. Serious mental health problems have also been reported with isotretinoin use. An FDA Primer on protecting yourself from defective drugs warns that the drug “should only be taken under the close supervision” of a physician or a pharmacist, and provides links to helpful information, including ways to check that drugs purchased online come from legitimate pharmacies.

December 30, 2005: National Accutane Registry Begins Taking Names

A national registry of Accutane users began accepting names on December 30, 2005. The FDA launched the program called i-Pledge. This program intended to have a database of the consumers who use anti-acne medications. The goal of the registry is to reduce the incidence of pregnancy-related harm caused by the drug, including birth defects and birth injuries.

August 12, 2005: FDA Announces Accutane Registry Program

The FDA has come up with new policies on the distribution of accutane. This is to ensure that pregnant women will be protected from using them. Under the program (called iPLEDGE) doctors, pharmacists, and patients must enroll in a national registry and accept certain responsibilities before they may prescribe or use Accutane. In deciding to purchase accutane, pharmacy is now required to make sure that the purchaser will have informed consent in knowing the side effects of product.

March 1, 2004: FDA Considers Registry for Accutane Users

There is a need to tighten the security in order to protect the consumers from wrongfully purchasing accutane. In order to help prevent pregnancy in women using the acne drug, one proposal would allow Accutane prescriptions only for those patients whose use is tracked on a national registry. To be able to execute a prescription with accutane, a woman should be able to show her negative pregnancy state.

February 26, 2004: Consumer Group Tells FDA to Pull Accutane 

The non-profit group Public Citizen told the FDA that, due to serious risks of birth defects and links to depression, the acne drug Accutane should be pulled from the marketplace and be prescribed only under extremely limited circumstances. Before an FDA advisory committee, a Public Citizen spokesman estimated that Accutane is prescribed to women at a rate 26 times that which would be acceptable. In 1988, the public has already petitioned to totally ban accutane. Today, it is expected to happen again.

October 9, 2003: California Parents of Suicide Victim Sue Accutane Maker

The parents of a 14-year-old northern California boy sued Hoffman-LaRoche, the maker of Accutane, after the high school freshman threw himself in front of a train. The prescription acne drug called accutane is instrumental in causing the boy to be depressed and have irrational behavior.

September 9, 2003: FDA Warns of Illegal Foreign Versions of Accutane

The FDA sent formal warnings to a number of drug companies that had been marketing an unapproved and mislabeled foreign version of Accutane, mostly over the internet. There are cited and recognized health implications of accutane. Thus, these negative side effects cannot just be neglected.

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