"Personal Injury Loan" – Injury Advance

“Personal Injury Loan” – Cash Advance

People often refer to personal injury loan’s or property damage loans inferring that they are getting a loan from their injury. This is the wrong type of terminology. The correct terminology is an injury cash advance. A cash advance occurs when a person has a legal claim that is not settled and would like to get a cash advance against those settlement proceeds. A cash advance better protects clients interests, because repayment of that advance is contingent on the attorney actually settling your case. This means that the attorney will not simply lend you money on a case that is worthless to later collect from you.

Amounts of “Injury Loan” / Cash Advance

Cash advance amounts can range from small to large, with some advances being in the hundred’s of dollars and others being in the thousand’s of dollars. The process is quite simple and the attorney typically takes care of all the paperwork.

“Injury Loan” / Cash Advance Term Payments

Unlike other loans, injury advances, have no monthly payments and there are NO terms. This is because settlements can take months to years to occur, therefore, it would be against a client’s interests to make them pay before settlement.

Pre-Settlement Funding Experts

Hogan Injury does not directly handle cash advances and instead rely on experts in the industry to handle these advances. Thus far we have found only one company that upholds the high ethical standards that we keep for ourselves. That is the team at Creative Legal Funding. So when your creditors will not stop hassling you, you have an outlet to go to.

*All bunny quotes above for Injury Loan are to signal that people often use the terminology in everyday language, but that it is incorrect.

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