Facts You Should Know About Car Accidents

Wearing seat belt

Seat belt is mandatory in almost all states. Depending on your state law, whether or not you were wearing the seat belt at the time of the accident can affect your claim. In some cases it can reduce the amount of your claim. Consult with an experienced car accident attorney to know the exact rules in your state.

Releasing Medical Records

You should not release your medical records to the other driver’s insurance company. They will use it against you. Before you speak to the other driver’s insurance company, speak to an experienced car accident attorney.

Filing a lawsuit against the other driver’s insurance company

If you believe the amount offered by the other driver’s insurance company is fair and you accept the amount, then you need not file a lawsuit. However if you believe you are entitled to more compensation but the other driver’s insurance company is not willing to pay more, then you will have to file a lawsuit against the insurance company.

Seeing a doctor

Even if you don’t notice any visible injuries, you should see a doctor immediately after an accident. Some injuries may not be apparent and may take time to show up. Once a doctor seeing you, you will have an idea of the injuries that you may have suffered and you can then negotiate with the insurance company.

Partly at fault

Even if you believe you are partly at fault, you should not accept it at least in front of the other drivers. You should however disclose this fact to your attorney. If you are partly at fault, the other side could use it as evidence against you. However if your attorney is aware of this fact, he or she will be prepared to deal with it should the other side use it as evidence against you.

Memory Problems

Many accident victims face a peculiar problem. By the time their case goes to trial, their memory of the accident begins to fade and often they make statements that contradict with their initial statements made at the time of the accident. If you are having such problems, speak to your attorney. Your attorney can guide you.

Defective Product

If you were in an accident and the air bags failed to deploy thereby causing injuries to you, you can sue the manufacturer of the air bag and the car manufacturer under the theory of product liability. Similarly if defective brakes contributed to the accident, you can sue the manufacturer of the brakes.

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