Writing Demand Letters to Settle Personal Injury Claims

A demand letter is used to be able to receive compensation from the person at fault, after an accident or an injury. Below are some suggestions on how you can formulate your own demand letter and get what you are claiming for.

  • Your side of the story: Write a brief account of the event according to how well you remember the facts based on your personal knowledge. You may refer to the notes you have and to the police reports available. You should learn how to keep the things simple because a demand letter should be just concise and easy to understand. Any confusion may be taken against your claim.
  • Why the other party was at fault: Next, it is very important to establish why the other person was at fault. You should always remember that your end goal in your claim is that you are able to convince the awarding court that your claim is valid. ┬áIn as much as the facts portion of your demand letter should be kept short, you should also make sure that the facts are able to establish your case.
  • Don’t admit your own fault: If ever you are aware of some faults that you have, you should not be admitting them in the demand letter. This is because admission of your own fault might halt the insurance company from pursuing with the indemnity if it realizes that you do not deserve the payment.
  • Your injuries: You should be able to state the injuries that you suffered in detail. You should concentrate on the long-lasting and the permanent injuries that you have because it would be more easy to claim for damages for such case because it is more obvious. It is also vital that you do not resort to an overly dramatic way of explaining the things. This attempt may be seen as trying to influence the decision of the court which should just be based on the merits of the case.
  • Your medical expenses: In the demand letter, you should clarify the exact amount that you are asking for. A detailed accounting would also look that you are prepared with the demand letter that you have.
  • Your lost income: Lost income is also one of the things that can be compensated for. If you missed work because of your physical incapacity brought by your injuries, that can also be claimed as damages through the demand letter.
  • Any other losses or expenses: Depending on your discretion, you can still opt to include other losses or expenses that have been directly caused by the accident.
  • Your settlement demand: After the addition of all the claims you are trying to get, you should provide an entire sum of what you think you should get and it will be up to the other party to grant your request.

Finally, any demand letters you create should always include any supporting documentation that verifies your claims (medical records, bills, police reports, etc).

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