Driver Losing Control of the Motorcycle

Motorcyclists must obey the same laws and rules of the road as automobile drivers. Motorcycle operators, like car drivers, must alter their riding according to the road conditions, the weather and traffic. A motorcycle operator who loses control of his or her motorcycle can easily cause an accident wherein others involved can suffer serious injuries. The motorcyclist can then be held accountable for the injuries the other drivers and their passengers sustained.

Why Riders Lose Control of Motorcycles

All types of things can cause a motorcyclist to lose control including:

Loose gravel on roadway – Loose gravel can easily cause a motorcyclist to lose control of his or her bike wherein an accident takes place. While most freeways are free of loose gravel for the most part, secondary roadways can and often do have loose gravel and other debris on their surfaces.

Roadway obstructions – Seeing at the last minute or never at all that there’s something on the road ahead when traveling on a motorcycle can be harrowing to say the least. A motorcyclist that strikes or tries to avoid a roadway obstruction can easily lose control of his/her bike. If this were to happen, the rider and his/her passengers can be seriously hurt and even killed. Other travelers on the roadway are also at risk for injuries if they were to be involved in an accident due to the motorcycle losing control.

Excessive speed – It is common for motorcycle operators to push their bikes to the limit by speeding. Excessive speed can easily cause a motorcycle operator to lose control. If this were to happen, the motorcycle can leave the roadway and crash. It also can collide with other cars or cause an accident by forcing vehicles into busy lanes where they collide with other vehicles.

Careless & reckless driving – Unfortunately, many motorcycle drivers are guilty of careless and/or reckless driving. A motorcyclist can lose control of his or her bike very easily by driving carelessly or recklessly. Many times these types of accidents result in innocent people being hurt or even killed.

Distracted Driving – It is very dangerous for a motorcycle operator to take his/her eyes off the road. Distracted driving and motorcycle riding definitely do no mix. A motorcycle operator can be found at fault for an accident that causes injuries to others because the rider was being negligent.

Due to Fault of Other Drivers – It’s easy for a motorcycle rider to lose control due to something another driver on the road does or does not do. For instance, if an automobile driver runs a red light and strikes a motorcycle to cause it to run off the road or crash, that driver can be held responsible for any injuries and damages sustained by the motorcyclist.

Unmarked Road Conditions – If roadwork is being done and there are no warning signs to alert drivers of the construction ahead, a motorcycle rider can lose control to result in an accident. If the motorcycle driver is killed in the accident, the construction firm doing the road work can be held liable for the wrongful death.

Severe Weather – Wet pavement is one of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents. If it is raining and a motorcyclist loses control and crashes wherein other people are injured, the rider could be found to be at fault for those injuries. Driving carelessly when the weather is not optimal can and does cause many motorcycle accidents in California and the rest of the country.

When motorcycle operators lose control of their bikes and crash, catastrophic injuries can be sustained by both the rider and other drivers and pedestrians. It also can led to the biker’s death and the death of other people involved. If you’ve been injured in an accident that was caused by a motorcycle operator losing control, you should seek legal assistance as soon as possible. It is possible that you could be eligible to receive monetary compensation for your injuries and other damages.

If you were injured while riding a motorcycle and can show that another driver was to blame for the accident, you have the right to seek compensation for what has happened to you. This is why it’s important to work with an experience California motorcycle accident attorney. If your injuries were severe, you may require long-term treatment and rehabilitation. If a court determines that the accident was caused by another person, you may very well end up receiving some type of compensation for what has happened to you.

Types of Injuries Suffered in Motorcycle Accidents

There are many types of injuries motorcycle accident victims suffer from ranging from non-serious bruises and scrapes to life-threatening injuries that literally change lives. Among the most common injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents caused by riders losing control are:

Broken bones – When a biker is thrown off a motorcycle, he or she can very easily break bones. Some bone fractures are very serious and even life-threatening such as many compound and open fractures that often require extensive surgery to repair. Pedestrians and vehicle passengers who have been injured in accidents caused by out of control motorcycles also can suffer from bone fractures.

Abrasions & lacerations – While motorcycle helmets, jackets, pants and boots are designed to protect a motorcyclist from injuries in case of a crash, not all riders wear proper safety attire. And, motorcycle clothing can become torn in an accident wherein the rider suffers from abrasions and lacerations. Some abrasions and lacerations on the face require cosmetic surgery to repair. Pedestrians and vehicle drivers also can receive serious abrasions and lacerations when involved in motorcycle accidents.

Neck & back injuries – Among the most catastrophic injuries suffered by victims of motorcycle accidents are neck and back injuries. Neck injuries can vary in seriousness from concussions to broken necks. The worst type of back injury is one that involves the spinal cord. Many motorcycle accident victims have suffered from spinal cord injuries, leaving them either partially or completely paralyzed.

Head injuries – Victims of motorcycle accidents often suffer from head injuries. A head injury can be rather minor in nature such as a concussion. An injury to the head also can be absolutely devastating as is the case with a severe traumatic brain injury or TBI. If a motorcycle rider were to receive a serious head injury after taking a spill because his/her helmet broke, the helmet manufacturer could be held liable if it can be proven that the helmet was defective in some way.

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