Amputation Injuries

Without question, one of the most devastating personal injuries anyone can suffer is the loss of a limb or body part. The legal team at Hogan Injury can help you if you’ve lost an arm, leg, finger, eye, ear or toe in an accident that was caused by someone other than yourself. Amputation injury accidents cases are rather complex by nature because they result in the victims needing long-term care and treatment as well as lifestyle modification.

While most amputations in the United States are surgical amputations performed out of medical necessity, a little less than one-fourth of all amputations are traumatic wherein they occur as a result of sudden injury sustained in some sort of accident.

Causes of Traumatic Amputations

Some of the most common causes of traumatic amputations are:

  • Automobile accidents – A serious automobile accident can pin a driver or passenger inside a vehicle wherein emergency rescue personnel must amputate a limb in order to get the person out of the vehicle. Even an accident victims who is not pinned inside a vehicle can sustain a very traumatic injury wherein an amputation of a limb is necessary later on.
  • Motorcycle accidents – Because motorcycle riders are exposed to the elements, they often sustain very traumatic injuries when involved in accidents. It is all too common for a motorcycle rider to end up losing a limb as a result of a serious roadway accident. Motorcycle accidents make up a large part of traumatic amputation claims and require professional guidance provided by experienced motorcycle accident attorneys.
  • Construction and industrial accidents – Amputation injuries resulting from construction and industrial accidents can be caused by a lack of safety guards on equipment or by a lack of training, inadequate supervision or unsafe working conditions. These types of accident claims can be complex as there could be several parties which can be held liable.

Bay area personal injury attorneys routinely are contacted by people who have questions about about filing amputation claims. Most of these individuals are legally entitled to compensation because someone else has been found responsible for the accidents they’ve been involved.

Amputations are life-changing injuries that require significant medical treatment. Most often, these types of injuries affect the victims’ ability to earn income and often limit the victims’ ability to fully participate in all the daily life activities they enjoyed before the accident.

The legal team at Hogan Injury has the experience needed to help amputation injury victims pick up the pieces and begin life anew following the horrible accidents they were involved in. We use a network of experts who help us calculate and prove all the damages you’ve suffered so that your compensation is maximized.

The amount of compensation recovery for a serious injury such as an amputation is dependent upon the specifics of each case. These specifics may include determining who was acting negligently and how much insurance the responsible party or parties is protected by.

If you or someone you care about has sustained an injury resulting in a traumatic amputation, contact Hogan Injury today for free legal advice and guidance. If we determine that you have a strong case, we will help you obtain a positive legal outcome so that you receive the maximum compensation you need and deserve. Our San Francisco amputation injury attorneys are available 24/7 to speak with you.

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