LASIK Eye Surgery News

April 25, 2008: FDA Plans LASIK Eye Surgery Safety Review

The US Food and Drug Administration announced through a panel that it intends to determine the potential health risks related to LASIK laser-assisted vision correction methods. The FDA will perform a thorough study of the “quality of life” of the patients after the LASIK procedure, and the agency responsible for this study will evaluate how to provide potential LASIK patients more convincing warning about the risks related to the eye surgery.

March 22, 2006: New York LASIK Lawsuit Dismissed

There was a lawsuit filed by somebody from New York who claimed that his doctor has destroyed his eyesight during the LASIK procedure but was later dismissed. The lawsuit stated that the doctor’s performance of the LASIK procedure was negligent that it resulted to a substantial loss of vision. The plaintiff also claimed that the doctor was unable to obtain the appropriate informed consent, and was unable to adhere to the accepted medical practice while doing the eye surgery. The lawsuit was dismissed due to lack of evidence and the testimony of an unqualified expert witness who failed to support the claims of the plaintiff.

January 23, 2006: Indiana Supreme Court Reinstates LASIK Malpractice Suit

The Indiana Supreme Court reinstated a medical malpractice lawsuit which was filed against a LASIK eye surgeon. The court found that the two-year statute of restriction period did not start to operate until another doctor told the plaintiff that the LASIK eye surgery should not have been conducted. The plaintiff went through a multiple LASIK eye surgeries and claimed that these methods caused a permanent vision loss in his right eye which left him nearly blind.

September 1, 2005: Surgeon Seeks to Overturn Largest-Ever LASIK Jury Award

A jury was awarded a $4.5 million in August 2005 for the past and future loss of income, and a $2.75 million in non-economic, including pain and suffering, damages to a former Wall Street investment banker who claimed that his vision and career were ruined after undergoing the LASIK eye surgery. The defendant surgeon seeks to overturn this biggest LASIK jury award ever.

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