An Overview of Motorcycle Accidents

An overview of a motorcycle accident including how to determine who is at fault

Motorcycles are different from other vehicles on the road. For one they are two wheelers which require to be balanced. While a motorcycle rider enjoys more freedom compared to other drivers, they are also more at risk than the other drivers. For one they lack protective barriers. The lack of protection leaves the motorcycle rider more prone to injuries than a regular motorist in case of an accident. This however, does not mean that a motorcycle rider does not have any legal rights in case of an accident. Motorcycle riders have legal rights in case of an accident. Any motorcycle rider involved in an accident must consult an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

Right of Way

When a motorcycle is involved in an accident, people generally assume that the motorcycle rider is at fault. There is a bias against motorcycle riders. However, in more than 65% of the accidents involving a motorcycle and another automobile, the accident was caused because the other automobile driver violated the right of way of the motorcycle rider.

Higher Risks

Studies and statistics have shown that a motorcycle rider is more at risk compared to passenger car drivers and occupants. The chances of a motorcycle rider dying in a crash are 26 times more than a car driver or occupant. Similarly, a motorcycle rider is thrice as likely to be injured in a crash compared to a car driver or occupant.

Unique Problems

Motorcycle riders face unique problems, these include:

Visual problems

Motorcycles appear small from a distance and are often blocked from another driver’s vision by other vehicles. This can be dangerous especially at traffic intersections. Most motorcycle accidents occur at traffic intersections.

Road Conditions

Poor or bad conditions pose greater risk to a motorcycle rider than a car driver.


Sometimes at high speeds the front of the motorcycle may wobble. This is often caused by a defect in the motorcycle and the manufacturer of the motorcycle can be held liable under the principle of product liability.


Riding a motorcycle on a busy road requires more skill than driving a general automobile.


Most motorcycle accident claims are based on negligence.

Product Liability

If the defective manufacture of the motorcycle or any of its parts is responsible for the accident, the manufacturer will be held liable for the accident.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have gotten involved  in a motorcycle accident, consult with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. The attorney will review the circumstances of your accident and determine the liability of the parties involved and assist you get the compensation you rightly deserve for your injuries.

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