One of the most severe injury that a person can sustain when they get involved in any kind of accident is a traumatic brain injury. The severity of a traumatic brain injury may vary in severity, but no matter what degree of traumatic brain injury that a person suffers from an accident, it will undoubtedly affect the way they live. Traumatic brain injury can lead to the following results: physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral symptoms. Depending on the severity of the traumatic brain injury, a patient can gain complete recovery or suffer from permanent disability, even death. No matter what the outcome of the traumatic brain injury, you may be entitled to compensation.

This section of our Legal Knowledge Center endeavors to provide you with concrete and useful information with regards to traumatic brain injury. The information you can find here ranges from the usual symptoms of a traumatic brain injury to more in-depth subjects like filing a case for a loved one who is suffering from traumatic brain injury.

Hogan Injury has a group of lawyers with expertise in cases involving traumatic brain injuries. We will be able to help you or your loved one who is suffering from TBI.

Recovery is possible. However, this depends upon the individual and the cause of the injury, and the degree of trauma sustained. A concussion is the mildest traumatic brain injury sustained when an individual suffers a blunt trauma to the head. It can also occur during slip and fall accidents. This is mostly accompanied by a sudden loss of consciousness. Although, this is a mild form of traumatic brain injury, further monitoring for worsening symptoms is necessary. A person suffering from a concussion can recover from the injury in 2-weeks time;.

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Experiencing a traumatic brain injury could be a very stressful and unpleasant situation. Such an injury can leave serious consequences that affect your physical and mental health. Once you’ve gotten the proper medical care, the next step is to contact a lawyer specializing in traumatic brain injury cases. Choosing the best lawyer for your case can be quite taxing so here are some aspects you may want to consider when hiring one: 1. Make use of referrals. Someone you know might have had to go through the same ordeal and.

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If you come to an agreement with the defendant before the trial, then you do not have to go to court. Most civil cases, including personal injury lawsuits, do not reach the court as a trial. The agreement between you and the defendant is called a settlement. Settlements can take place before and after you have filed your lawsuit. Generally, the defendant will make a settlement offer to avoid a trial. There are many reasons to do this. One of them is the amount of money it takes to go.

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Tax laws can be confusing, and the answer is almost always “It depends.” Let’s say you filed a case alleging that you suffered a traumatic brain injury. Did you settle out of court? Were you awarded damages after a trial, or by the judge? In all cases, it’s possible that you have to pay taxes. This is because recovered damages are taxed according to their origin. The tax on a settlement for wrongful termination is different from the tax on a settlement for a personal injury lawsuit. In general, compensatory.

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1. Get the proper medical care, and keep track of all relevant documents. The first and most important thing you should do after an accident involving a possible brain injury is to get medical attention. Just make sure you are documenting everything — pictures of the scene, copies of the police report, copies of medical records and bills, etc. It may also be a good idea to start keeping a journal noting the effects of the injury on your behavior or physical capabilities. Also, pay attention to who might be.

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First, it should be clarified that not all head injuries are brain injuries. Just because someone has sustained an injury to the head does not automatically refer to brain damage. Under federal law, a traumatic brain injury is damage to the brain caused by an external physical force, resulting in total or partial disability or impairment. This means that the injury had an adverse effect on the victim’s cognition, language skills, memory, attention, reasoning, or abstract thinking skills, among others. A brain injury may also affect motor skills, sensory and/or.

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Yes, there are personal injury attorneys who specialize in traumatic brain injury lawsuits. This is a unique field in personal injury, as a traumatic brain injury typically involves an even more complex medical component compared to other forms of bodily injuries such as broken bones or animal bites. It also tends to result in highly severe and far-reaching consequences. Sustaining a serious brain injury dramatically affects the victim’s personal relationships, earning capacity, and quality of life in general. A lawyer specializing in this kind of case would be able to.

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