Owners of animals have a duty to control the animals that they own. It’s the owner’s responsibility to prevent harm that their pet could cause. An animal bite can cause severe injury, infection, permanent injury or even death and should be treated seriously. Being attacked by an animal may also lead to financial losses due to medical bills and loss of income which may entitle you to compensation from the owner of the animal that bit you.

The Animal Bite section of our Legal Knowledge Center can provide you with information pertinent to your situation as a victim of the animal attack. This section can help you determine if you have a claim against the owner of the animal who attacked you and other resources about animal bites that you may find useful. There’s also information about owner liability if you live in a state without “strict liability laws.”

We at Hogan Injury can help you in cases involving an animal attack. With our expertise in the matter of animal bites and years of experience, we can assist you in your case to ensure that you will receive the right amount of compensation that is due to you as a victim of an animal attack.

Unfortunately, no one is liable for a stray animal. Strays do not have owners, which means that there’s no one responsible for them or liable in case they attack a person. When a stray animal attacks, the victim is expected to take care of his/her own injury and other expenses. It is this kind of situation where insurance proves to be useful. Without insurance, medical expenses for the treatment of dog bite injuries would have to be paid out of the victim’s pocket. The cost is no small figure–the average.

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You should seek medical help immediately. Wild animal attacks are one of the most frightening personal injuries anyone can experience. And getting the necessary medical treatment should be your top priority. Afterwards, your next step is to consult with a lawyer who can help you evaluate if you have a legal claim. In California, wild animals are considered to be inherently dangerous. Thus, those who decide to keep wild animals in captivity are strictly liable for damages and injuries that the animals might have caused. Under strict liability, owners of.

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Generally, you cannot bring a legal claim to your municipality if a stray dog bites you as they are not responsible for these animals. However, if the dog that bit you is being kept in a government-run pound, and escapes and bites you, you may have a claim against the pound. You will need to prove that the pound was negligent which led to your injury. Contact Hogan Injury for legal advice regarding this matter.

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