Sharing the road with big rigs and commercial trucks can be dangerous and nerve-wracking. Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles have major blind spots known as “No Zones.” If you cannot see the truck driver through the truck’s rear-view mirror, this means the driver cannot see you either.

The “No Zones” are the danger areas around the truck where crashes are most likely to happen since the truck driver is unable to see in these areas while driving.

The blind spot in front of the truck extends approximately 20 feet to the front. This means the driver will not be able to see a vehicle that suddenly cut directly in front of the truck.

The blind spots on either side of the truck are along the length of the truck and spanning three lanes wide. Vehicles should not stay too close beside trucks since they cannot be seen when the truck has to suddenly switch lanes.

The rear blind sports are directly in the back of the truck and extending 30 feet from the rear. If a vehicle tailgates a truck, the truck driver is unable to see that vehicle, thereby increasing the chance of a collision with the truck. The same is true when the truck driver has to make a wide right turn.

When semi-trucks and commercial motor vehicles need to back up, the blind spots are directly behind and beside the vehicle. It is advised to remember all these blind spots to avoid crashes.

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