Personal injuries can result when a person slips or trips in someone else’s premises, and they are usually unexpected. It is important to know what steps a person must take immediately following a slip and fall accident to be able to make the best possible legal claim while also minimizing any possible damages the injury may have caused. Here are the steps you must take after suffering a slip and fall accident:

1.Seek Medical Treatment – The most important part of any personal injury claim is to seek medical help immediately to remedy any possible injuries as well as be able to have official documentation of what injuries you have sustained and the steps that were taken to correct them. These medical records will be vital in determining how much you can recover when filing a personal injury claim.

2. File an Accident Report – You should always file an accident report regardless of whether it happens in a business, private or government property. Make sure you report it to the landlord, owner, or government entity responsible for maintaining the property. Provide the manager or landowner of the necessary information regarding your injury and the accident, ask them to make a written report and ask for a copy before you leave.

3. Document the incident – After your slip and fall accident, it is best to document the accident as best as possible. Photographs and videos of the scene that capture the conditions that contributed to your accident are best. Be sure to record any lack of visible warning signs, especially if a wet surface caused your slip and fall accident. It is crucial to collect names, addresses, and contacts of any potential witnesses. Their statement may be crucial in proving your claim.

4. Do not give any statements to an insurer – Limit your communication with the property owner or manager and decline giving any statement, written or recorded, if an insurer requests one. A statement to an insurance adjuster will be considered your official version of the events. Keep in mind; an adjuster is tasked towards minimizing your potential claim and could solicit responses from you that could downplay the extent of your injuries to lower possible settlement values.

5. Contact an attorney experienced in slip and fall accidents – To secure your claim, do not hesitate to ask the help of experienced attorneys. While your primary focus is to recover from your injuries, your attorney can help build a case with all the information you can collect. Contact an attorney now.

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