Traumatic brain injury occurs when a force impacts the brain affecting its normal functioning. They can result from motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, or falls. Medical negligence or medical errors may also cause a traumatic brain injury. Early and accurate diagnosis is of the essence.

If you are the victim of a traumatic brain injury caused by a misdiagnosis or improper treatment, you must know your legal rights.

Here are some of the most important rights of a traumatic brain injury victim:

1. You have the right to know what exactly caused the brain injury and if there are any remedies for it. There are situations when medical providers agree to correct the issue and provide solutions.

2. You have the right to contact the licensing board that governs medical licenses. They can issue warnings or medical license cancellations to the responsible party. If needed, they will restrict the medical professional from performing medical treatments and practices that they deem detrimental to future patients.

3. You have the right is to to be fairly compensated. Traumatic brain injuries have long-term consequences that require finances to sustain medications, treatments, and rehabilitation.

4. You have the right to an attorney. A skilled medical malpractice attorney with your best interest in mind, can help you arrive at a favorable compensation for the damages you incurred.

Malpractice cases are among the most difficult and expensive ones. Failing to take timely action could deplete your finances and could result in permanent injuries.

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