Filing a slip and fall claim is no easy matter and requires the assistance of an attorney who could advise you on the proper steps necessary to win your case. Legal representation is essential especially since you’ll likely be facing legal representative from the other party as well. It would be better to be prepared with an attorney as you go along the process; thus, your first step in this process is to find an attorney who is also experienced in slip and fall cases.

Attorneys that have experience in slip and fall will more likely know what to look out for to make a case. An initial consultation with your attorney will be the next step in the process. Your attorney will first want to rule out any negligence on your part in the accident. This is to make sure you have a legitimate claim.

Before meeting with your attorney. You should prepare all the necessary documents related to your case. This includes all medical records, police records, photographic and video evidence of the accident or the scene of the accident and witness testimonies. Your lawyer would want to know whether you have sustained any serious injuries that may require long-term treatment that could impact your ability to work and earn. If necessary, your attorney may schedule an appointment with a physical therapist to not only help you recover from the injury but also get proper documentation of the long-term ill effects of the accident.

It is best to give your attorney all of the information and document that you have. Note that business owners will also be on the other end with their attorneys fighting your claim and so it would be in your best interest to give all the solid proof you have, accompanied by all the documentation you can get regarding the accident and the injuries.

Expect a deposition from a corporate attorney. This is done in the presence of your lawyer. They will want to check for consistency between your sworn statement and the suit filed by your lawyer. In this situations, the opposing lawyer is not your friend. Their goal is to try to remove or repudiate the business owner’s responsibility.

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