Personal injury lawyers usually charge their clients with one of these two ways:

1. Contingency Fee Percentage

Most personal injury lawyers charge their clients a contingency fee. With a contingency fee, you will only pay the lawyer if he or she can win the settlement or judgment on your behalf. You will also be responsible for all the expenses the attorney used in your case. However, If you lose your case and receive no money from the party that is responsible for your accident, then your lawyer also doesn’t collect his fee. Contingency fees are charged by getting a percentage of money from the settlement you’ve received. Almost every personal injury lawyers charge the same percentages for the contingency fees, but you can try and negotiate with your lawyer for a lower percentage to be deducted from your settlement.

2. Hourly Fees

With this way of lawyers charging your personal injury claim, you will pay your lawyer for every hour that he works on your case. Whether you win or lose the case, you will still pay your personal injury lawyer and be responsible for paying all the expenses used in your case. Personal injury lawyers do not usually use this way to charge their clients because it would be less beneficial for them when they win the case of their client. The lawyer would make less money when he uses an hourly billing rate and wins the case than charging his/her client with a contingency fee. This way of charging is also disadvantageous for the clients. With an hourly billing rate, you will be held responsible for the lawyer’s fees and expenses even though your case was unsuccessful. If lawyers offer you this charging your case, it may be a sign that your case is most likely weak. Make sure that you know why your lawyer charges you an hourly billing rate for you to be sure that your case will win.

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