Personal injury claims range widely in different aspects. It varies on the type of accident that occurred and the type of injuries you endured during the accident. It is practically impossible to predict how long it takes to settle a personal injury case because of the delays that may occur during the settlement.

These delays can be caused by:

1.The liability.
The liability is the one who is at fault and blamed for the accident and the injuries you endured.
If it is hard to prove that the liability is at fault, then the insurers may not give a reasonable settlement offer until the lawyer has put the case in the suit and hired experts to prove that the liability was at fault. If legal issues are in the case, then it is doubtful that the insurers will make any significant offer on the case until a judge has ruled on your right to sue.

2. The case involves a massive amount of money.
Insurers would not simply give you a big amount of money until they have done their means of investigating every aspect of the liability and damages surrounding the case. They won’t be giving you a huge of money until they are convinced that:
• they don’t have a good defense to the case
• your injuries are as severe as you claim that they are
• they cannot attack your credibility
Other insurers, on the other hand, try to delay the settlement when a huge amount of money is involved so that they can see if the plaintiff can accept less money and give up for a huge amount of settlement money they wanted to claim.

3. You haven’t fully recovered the injuries you endured during the accident.
This is one factor that delays your personal injury claims because your lawyer cannot know the total value of the damages you had because you haven’t fully recovered from the injuries you endured during the accident. If you fully recovered from your injuries, you will most likely get less money for your settlement than if you never did recover.

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