One of the negotiations that need to takes place when you had a motorcycle accident is the insurance companies. Compensations from personal injury claims of any kind may also settle with them.

Most of the insurance company are willing to settle, but it is essential to have an attorney with you to have a fair settlement of the claims. Motorcycle accident victims are also entitled to the injuries sustained, loss of future income and change of lifestyle.

Below are the guidelines how to settle with insurance companies according to the article of RiderzLaw motorcycle Lawyers:

1. Statement at the accident scene – It is critically important to be mindful of any statements either to another party, the police, witnesses, or insurance adjusters.

2. Calling insurance company – As soon as reasonably possible, inform them that an accident occurred. You should also have information as possible about the claims person including the police incident or the name and badge number of the police on the scene. You may also have persons insurance information and the names and contact information of any witnesses. The claims manager may ask about your property damage and physical injuries.

3. Assessment of fault – If the other person was clearly at fault (e.g., you were rear-ended, the driver ran a red light, was cited for a moving violation, etc.), your insurance company may attempt to work directly with the other person’s insurance company, if any, to pay for your damage. If there is no insurance, you are entitled to payment from your own, uninsured motorist coverage if you purchased such coverage.

4. Payment of Property Damage – If you were involved in an accident, then your motorcycle most likely has some significant damage. Insurance adjusters always recommend that you use one of their “trusted” mechanics to repair your bike. Unless you personally know and trust the mechanic they recommend, don’t do it! The mechanics used by insurance companies often cut corners to save money and you end up with lingering mechanical problems or a bike that doesn’t look or feel like it did before the accident. By law, insurance companies cannot force you to use a particular mechanic – you are entitled to have your bike fixed by whomever you choose.

5. Payment for Physical Injuries – Unfortunately, as motorcycle lawyers and riders ourselves, know all too well about the injuries that often accompany motorcycle accidents. Even the most careful rider with the best safety equipment sometimes cannot avoid injury. If you have suffered physical injury from the motorcycle accident, you are entitled to reimbursement of your medical bills and other damages. If your injuries are anything beyond a few bumps and bruises, e.g., if you have broken bones, deep lacerations, or neck/back injury, you may be entitled to significant damages beyond medical bills.

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